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Boost your key performance marketing metrics by 30%
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    you acquire clients through Google & Meta for your business
    people perform thousands of actions on your App & Website
    if a user qualifies as the target audience, an offline conversion is sent to your analytical system or directly to the traffic source
    models are trained individually using historical user activity data
    lemon AI analyzes user actions and predict their value for your business
    ROAS, CAC, CPA, CPI, Retention, ARPU, frequency of orders, average check and LTV
    the traffic source brings in more profitable users which boost your key performance marketing metrics
    how it works
    why lemon ai?
    long payback cycle
    the longer it takes to determine the profitability of a user, the more effective it is to optimize ad campaigns based on predictive user value
    narrow target audience
    when a low conversion rate makes it difficult and expensive to optimize ad campaigns for target users, our techniques for broadening the target audience make CPA optimization fast and cost-effective
    demand for scaling up user acquisition
    knowing the long-term value of your users allows you to buy more traffic at different prices without worries that more expensive users will not be profitable for your business
    our clients’ results
    pizza delivery
    Increase ARPU
    (Average Revenue Per User)
    ↑ 30% in 2 months
    client’s benchmark
    $7.8 ARPU
    $5.9 ARPU
    international taxi
    Increase purchase frequency (number of drives / number of users)
    ↑34% in 2 weeks
    client’s benchmark
    0.55 order frequency
    0,41 order frequency
    furniture retailer
    Decrease CAC
    (Customer Acquisition Cost)
    ↓22.5% in 3 months
    client’s benchmark
    $31 CAC
    $40 CAC
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    integrate Lemon AI with your analytical / tracking system
    create prediction goals
    wait for the model to be trained
    launch a Google / Meta campaign with smart event optimization
    set-up process takes < 3 days
    less than one hour of your time